Fashion Trends in 2012


Fashion changes in every season, so you need to buckle up to find what’s new for you this season. Bright colours are the hottest pick this summer such as orange, mint, peach, nude colours and aquamarine. The couture like Lace dresses, floral print, boudoir pieces, peplums and sheer clothing are essentials in new fashion trend of 2012.

Many of our fashion industry people and celebrities are fashion icons because they have their own fashion style. All variety of gossips and trends can be finding out by celeb toast because our celebs are the best one to follow when it comes to serious fashion styling. Our celebrities are the masters of styling, creates unusual styling that may astound you.

Here are some important fashion trends of 2012-


Ø Accessories- Your styling would not be complete without accessories. You can use accessories like Beautiful bracelet, trendy scarf, earrings, or delicate jewellery that goes along with either your dress or casual one.

Ø Sports wear- People have become more conscious regarding their health. That is why sports wear are in this summers. Sports wear this summer is feminine, flirty, comfortable  with unusual cuts.

Ø Dresses- Want to look alluring and spin some heads around in the next party? Go for dresses with full of floral, frills and peplums and midi-mini length dresses in maxi style can transform you from boring chic to the hottest chic.

Ø Bags- It is said that diamonds are girl’s best friend. I think bags are one thing that a woman or girl cannot live without. Fashion 2012 bags are unusual, elaborate with transparent details.


Every individual has a unique perception about fashion trends. You can also make your own unique set of style by using these healthy tips.


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